Life Science Pharmaceuticals (LSP) and its spin-out, Extended Delivery Pharmaceuticals (EDP) develop novel therapeutics to treat cancer, diabetes and other serious illnesses. We have a diverse portfolio of product candidates in pre-clinical and clinical development. LSP fosters and enjoys a close relationship with the academic community. Prestigious U.S. institutions such as The Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (LICR), Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), Dana Farber Cancer Center (DFCI) and The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have licensing relationships with LSP. International academic and government organizations including The National Institute of Immunology, India (NII) and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia (CSIRO) have also entrusted LSP with their discoveries through licensing relationships.

The LSP team also has a successful track record of collaborating with international pharmaceutical companies. In 2008, LSP completed a collaboration and licensing agreement with AbbVie. The agreement covered an LSP monoclonal antibody (806) targeting a unique epitope of the EGFr. AbbVie is currently leading further development.